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These people are doin’ Halloween right. 

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I have major house envy! 

I have major house envy! 

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"The Big Bang Theory except every instance of canned laughter is replaced with Tidus’s laugh from Final Fantasy X."

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I’m feeling thirsty now….


I’m feeling thirsty now….

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A feminism comic I did for my uni’s newspaper. I wish I had a bit more time to work on it, but I’m pleased with how it came out considering the tight deadline!

My friend Jason was telling me that, one day, on a train, he went to change his infant’s diaper. On the way to the bathroom he was told, three times, that he was a great dad. 

To be clear…for ensuring that his child wasn’t sitting in her own shit for hours, he was congratulated on how awesome he was. The patriarchy is weird…

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Oh how I miss living on Yellowstone Lake

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fresh-new-beginnings asked: Hey do you still have phi bear letters?


I do :)

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